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  1. April 30, 2012

    Mike Robinson (no link provided) rated 1and1 (United Internet) 0.5 stars.

    This company has a shockingly-bad history of billing errors (at least in my case), and a draconian way of dealing with it. Quite literally without notifying me at all that there was any problem, they closed down all of my domains and sent the account out to collections … only to say “oops we made a mistake” on several of those occasions.

    Given that “any Internet Service Provider is more-or-less exactly like every other,” I suggest that you do what I wish that I had done: (1) Be sure that the registrar is not the same as the ISP, no matter what “come on” they offer; and (2) choose an ISP that has a better grip on its financials and a better attitude toward customer service. Choose an ISP that recognizes that your online presence is valuable to you, and that you always have choices in this matter, and that actually works to maintain your business relationship instead of treating it callously or with indifference.

  2. September 2, 2009

    Matt Wood (http://matt-wood.co.uk) rated 1and1 (United Internet) 2 stars.

    Had a domain with 1&1 for several years which I used purely for email service. Admittedly it was cheap, but the service wasn’t up to scratch. The IMAP server was consistently slow, billing procedures were opaque, support impersonal and the 1&1 control panel illogical and confusing.

    I cancelled my 1&1 account some months ago and moved the domain to a better host (in my case, Vidahost) I suggest you do the same – or, better still, don’t sign up with this company in the first place.

    4/10 because, in spite of their faults, I never actually had any downtime from 1&1.

  3. August 28, 2009

    Imy (http://private) rated 1and1 (United Internet) 3 stars.

    Most of the reviews on here will be for shared hosting packages, however my experience with them is purely for dedicated servers and mail accounts.

    I’m a web developer and usually work on bespoke applications which require setups which can only be provided by dedicated servers. My clients will usually get one or more dedicated servers to host their sites on so I support a fair few with 1&1.

    You should understand when you order a dedicated server from 1&1, it is likely to have been taken from another customer who has ended their contract so there’s no telling when the hardware will give up. However I’ve only ever had one disk failure and no other hardware problems of any kind. Uptime is usually very good to excellent.

    Technical support for dedicated servers is quite good. It’s available 24/7 (although not free phone) and usually fairly quick to get through to them. Where they fall down (and in a BIG way) is with their incredibly poor customer service and billing department staff. Just about any cockup you can imagine, they’ve probably done it, including my favourite one, cancelling the wrong server and wiping a live production server.

    So why am I with them? They are cheap as chips while still offering all the functionality/performance my clients require. They aren’t just a bit cheaper for dedicated servers but quite a lot cheaper. Similarly priced competitors have plenty of hidden costs, 1&1 don’t.

  4. May 15, 2009

    Samuel (http://smogsy.co.uk) rated 1and1 (United Internet) 5 stars.

    been with them for around 3 years+ now with mutiple domain name changes and its been very good. there only been some brief downtimes mainly (server upgrades) these was done promptly and fast. when server did upgrade all the customer saw the benefit of the downtime as they upgraded the Disk Space & bandwidth on our accounts.

    i have already paid up till next May as i believe that much in them.

    I also have linked them to my website as a thanks for a discount on my Yearly Payment.

  5. January 13, 2009

    Rob (http://winholiday.co.uk) rated 1and1 (United Internet) 2.5 stars.

    Been with 1and1 for quite a while. No problems but haven’t had to use the support. Think some of their control panel is over complicated. Like the way they offer “green” hosting.

    Done some tutorials for some of the tasks:

    1) Cancel auto renewal of domain

    2) Set up blogger / blogspot with custom domain

    3) Transferring domain to 1&1 (shock, horror!)


  6. July 4, 2008

    luke (http://clubrebelrebel.co.uk) rated 1and1 (United Internet) 0.5 stars.

    My short answer is to avoid 1and1 if you can. I’ve been with them for around 3 years – and they’ve got steadily worse. They’re okay, until you need support. I thought their prices were reasonable, and one of their main advantages – but they’re not actually that cheap, and once they’ve got you involved in a billing cycle, it’s very difficult to get rid of them.

    Changing web-hosts is a hassle – but after being pushed a little too far by 1and1, I decided that enough was enough. After doing some research I found a superb web-host who charge half as much as I was paying with 1and1; I’m completely shocked how much better a host can be.

    I dislike 1and1 for the following reasons:

    * billing errors
    I’ve had emails and billing responses sent to me in error – requesting I pay x-amount of money. Responses have sometimes been completely unintelligible half-complete replies to other customer’s queries. I got to the point where I had absolutely no confidence in the company at all.
    * unexplained downtime
    There have been times when I’ve been unable to access my webspace / website, and databases associated with my account; unluckily for me this occurred while I was demoing a site to a client. I received no apology or explanation from 1and1; rather than own up, their policy seems to be to hope customers won’t notice.
    * automatic account locking
    At one stage I was unable to make a payment because the billing departments IT system was down. Subsequently my account, was locked and sent to a debt recovery agent, making all my domains and sites unavailable for nearly a week.
    * no flexibility
    To get anything more than basic hosting, expensive upgrades are needed. The level of functionality vs. cost often seems arbitrary; for example – why should I pay over £72 pounds a year extra just to receive SSH access?
    * no follow up to complaints
    I’ve sent complaints on numerous occasions and not received responses. When I have received replies, they’ve been ‘stock’ replies – standard templates. They don’t listen and it’s impossible to speak to anyone who can actually help. Everything is run according to scripts.
    * automatic rebilling
    I cancel my account – they respond; not by refunding me the money I’m owed, but by re-billing me for each domain previously registered, using brand-new two year contracts!

    I sound like I’m ranting – and I suppose I am. I’m just deeply dissatisfied with this company – and still slightly shocked that they can get away with such levels of incompetence.

    Avoid 1and1 like the plague – there’s no such thing as a free lunch.

  7. April 15, 2008

    James (http://mm-design.co.uk) rated 1and1 (United Internet) 0.5 stars.

    A totally incompetent company.

    Poor performance, very poor support & customer service.

    I am still being charged for items on the contract which I cancelled over six months ago.

  8. January 28, 2008

    ross1234 (000webhost.com/?id=16537) rated 1and1 (United Internet) 5 stars.

    Brilliant service.
    250mb space
    10gb bandwidth
    with php and mysql and all that.
    and its free.
    I think there is no better free option!

  9. June 25, 2007

    AngryUser (http://1&1sucks.com) rated 1and1 (United Internet) 0.5 stars.

    Horrible!!! SLOW SERVERS & NO SUPPORT!

  10. August 10, 2006

    tsinc80697 (starryeyeddesigns.co.uk) rated 1and1 (United Internet) 0.5 stars.

    Again as previously said, the hosting is fine, except that you have to use their own control panel and not an independant FTP program, and the Billing department is just a joke.
    I would never tell someone to use this company for anything as they have taken money from me when i said not to, and their contracts seem to get them out of anything.

  11. August 8, 2006

    Adnams Drinker (http://Notprovidedbyreviewer) rated 1and1 (United Internet) 0.5 stars.

    No problem with the hosting but the Billing department is utterly useless when it comes to needing to cancel – I’ve been trying to cancel two domains that I made the mistake of buying through 1and1 for the last 18 months.

    Personally, I wouldn’t touch them ever again – I don’t expect to be held to ransom by a company I paid to provide a service that is available better and just as cheaply elsewhere.

  12. August 1, 2006

    hoex (powells.biz) rated 1and1 (United Internet) 1.5 stars.

    purchased the £7.99 business package, cannot complain about the hosting package itself as the stats worked well, easy to use interface, generous bandwidth etc

    trying to get a domain that is not owned by them away from them is utter hell (i.e CNAME change), the support team fob you off with “I will send you an email of how to do this” (12 calls later and not 1 email)

    - support line quality is poor (VOIP technology from uk -> germany is not great)
    - huge language barrier
    - very hard to cancel unless you make a threat of a lawyer
    - requiring advanced tasks like CNAME, DNS or NAMESERVER changes to be applied are just simply ignored

    all in all this was a horrific experience! and we are STILL trying to sort this matter out as 10 of our domains are pointed to a 1&1 error page!!

  13. July 15, 2006

    Jet (mfdl.co.uk) rated 1and1 (United Internet) 4.5 stars.

    Have used 1and1 for about 2 years now for a small website I made. After the first year my credit card details had changed so the account was locked. Just 1 email later and I was back up and running. I found the amount of features great and the FAQ sections have been most helpful. I haven’t experienced any downtime and would recommend them as a host.

  14. April 15, 2006

    Zaphrod (no link provided) rated 1and1 (United Internet) 1.5 stars.

    We have been with these for a while now. When we first started they seemed very good, our pages were fast and everything worked well. Recently however the 2 web pages we host with 1and1 have started really slowing down. They can take between 10 and as much as 40 seconds to even begin to load. We have reported this 5 or more times and have never had a satisfactory reply. In fact we only ever had one reply which said we used to many graphics which is not the case. We are in the process of finding another host and I would definatly not recommend this company to anyone. Steer well clear is my advice.

  15. February 9, 2006

    |Show| (no link provided) rated 1and1 (United Internet) 1 stars.

    They were fine for ages, didn’t need support and didn’t seem to see any downtime.

    Although then i needed support and it wasn’t really there, so now i’ve lost my domains and they need retagging so i’m not best pleased.
    You can always upgrade a package, but u can’t go the other way, and whats more once you aint paying them they don’t want to know you, no matter how long you’ve been a customer!

  16. December 23, 2005

    Mehdi (no link provided) rated 1and1 (United Internet) 0.5 stars.

    They have miserly bandwidth limits and once you go over you get charged an extortionate amount. The billing department kept dreaming up charged which took several phone calls and e-mails to resolve. The control panel is a major pain to use. Support is hit and miss. Don’t bother.

  17. December 14, 2005

    bonzo (no link provided) rated 1and1 (United Internet) 0.5 stars.

    Been with them for 10 months and though downtime is minimal, their customer service is utter pants, and the site is awkward and slow to navigate. Even when logged into my account, swopping between email accounts requires constant logging in – very tedious. If the pages were quick to load, it would a different matter. But anyway, i found it very time consuming to set up, because i’m an idiot at this, and didnt even want webspace or servers or DNS this DNS that, sub doms etc. I purely wanted email, cos i cant send mail using OE anymore. I’m looking to change…

  18. August 9, 2005

    mjs97 (no link provided) rated 1and1 (United Internet) 5 stars.

    I have 7 different domains with 1and1 and I’ve never had any trouble so far. They have a free helpline (if you’re on their bigger packages – you have to pay for it on the cheap ones) that runs 24/7 and they have been very helpful whenever I’ve called.

  19. July 12, 2005

    Mattus (no link provided) rated 1and1 (United Internet) 3 stars.

    Have been with 1&1 for a couple of years now, signed up with them because pricing was cheap and the site seemed easy to use.

    Overall the service has been good. My primary use of their service is for my email address, and uptime is very good (must have gone down about once in the last year.) Pricing is also competitive.

    However I found their customer services lacking. When my credit card number changed and I forgot to tell them, they locked my account. Fair enough, but it took three phone calls and a letter over a period of a week to persuade them to unlock the account after I’d corrected the bank details. As I rely on the account to receive important email, including eBay transactions I was conducting at the time, I wasn’t impressed.

    To summarise – good hosting, poor customer service.

  20. May 28, 2005

    richard smith (no link provided) rated 1and1 (United Internet) 4.5 stars.

    I’ve been with them for several years and never once experienced any problems.

    Not the cheapest I grant you but not one problem, ever.

  21. May 17, 2005

    richieboy (no link provided) rated 1and1 (United Internet) 4 stars.

    Have been hosted with 1and1 for around a year now, and havent needed to cancel anything so am yet to experience possible problems in that department.

    Otherwise i find their Control Panel useful (but slow at times), Support always gets back to me fairly quickly, and generally i am happy with them.

    I would have no problem in using them again, so far so good.

  22. May 9, 2005

    unknowndomain (no link provided) rated 1and1 (United Internet) 2 stars.

    Good for first timer’s but overall they are expensive and they assign too many different numbers and passwords to access your account which uses software which is good for first time users but, experianced users will find their web panel hard to use as it limits you and makes accessing specific things slow and painful.

  23. May 9, 2005

    PieMaster (no link provided) rated 1and1 (United Internet) 1.5 stars.

    They offer easy domain and package registration; but at the cost of functionality.
    I have 6 domain names with them, and am unable to alter DNS setting – so that means no custom mail servers, subdomains, nothing. Not impressed.

    Cancelling is a bit ‘odd’. They require you to print out a contract termination form, sign it and then fax it to them.

    In thier favour, they have HUGE redundancy and good telephone staff, even if they can’t do anything.

  24. May 8, 2005

    TheBeansprout (no link provided) rated 1and1 (United Internet) 3 stars.

    Had a server with them, no complaints really. No downtime, decent speed, half-decent telephone support, and so on.

    But cancelling is a different world. It’s incredibly hard and unclear, and moving domains was a nightmare.

    Then, months later, they rebilled me for the server.

    So overall…they’re alright, but don’t expect wonders.

  25. May 8, 2005

    Adz (no link provided) rated 1and1 (United Internet) 2.3 stars.

    Absolutely colossal company with a huge market share – gained through aggressive pricing, ‘blanket’ marketing and loss leaders. The kind of company people love to hate but are they really that bad?

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