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  1. September 25, 2006

    Petrolhead ( rated AliveWWW 1 stars.

    When Alivewww started out and I started using them they were excellent, replying quickly to support emails.

    Recently, over the last 6 moths or so, their service has become pants.

    They seem incapapble of replying to emails and their accounts department is also a joke

    If you want cheap then by all means use them but do not expect any form of customer service. If I was starting again I would rather pay an extra £20 a year and get better customer support

  2. June 11, 2005

    Richard Slater (no link provided) rated AliveWWW 3.5 stars.

    These guys have been a pretty good service for some of my more demanding websites, they use the plesk control panel, which is very powerful and more flexable than some of the alternatives. The prices are pretty good and they allow bolt on features such as DNS Control, MailMan Lists and so on. There has been problems recently as their servers are located with Rebus Interhouse, the servers have been a little bit unstable.

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