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6 User Reviews:

  1. April 22, 2009

    Ali ( rated Clook 5 stars.

    Literally the perfect host. The team in their entirety are great to deal with; fast, efficient service from everyone. Not the cheapest, (but then not really expensive either) but imo one of the best value hosts out there. Definitely recommend them. Have been with clook for approx 3 years now. The only other host in the same league is United Hosting.

  2. September 2, 2006

    w (http://www) rated Clook 5 stars.

    Moved to Clook from HostGator. Absolutely a millions times better. Clook’s support is lightening fast and they know what they are talking about. Uptime is perfect, not a second in downtime in the 5 months I’ve been with them. As an ex HostGator customer, I would warn everone to stay away from HostGator. As a new Clook customer, I can’t imagine I will ever move away from Clook. No longer is the grass greener. Clook is the perfect host and come highly reccomended from me.

  3. April 1, 2006

    Stuey (no link provided) rated Clook 5 stars.

    Excellent service. Been with them a while now after moving from BPweb. They are customer focussed and offer lightning quick support and advice. I give them the thumbs up. I have the RS1 reseller package with them and definitely recommend to others. Stu

  4. August 8, 2005

    Augmented (no link provided) rated Clook 5 stars.

    clook have provided absolutely solid web hosting for over 18 months now, and I’m more than happy to stay with them indefinitely. I am on a shared-hosting package.

    They provide a choice of both US and UK based servers (they are UK based), with a variety of packages – shared, reseller, VPS and the like (See site for full technical details). Speed is excellent, load is always good – there’s an off-network status page for monitoring, which is always handy – and uptime is typically 100%.

    Stable and established company, so you need not have any concerns in that regard.

    Excellent support network led by a very knowledgeable and *pro-active* team. They’re always on top of security issues, relevant industry issues and soft/hardware upgrades, and, best of all, keep the customer informed and involved in the process. Like kibblerok, I’ve not really needed to contact them directly; but when I have, they’ve exhibited a fast response time and issues have been resolved quickly. There’s a comprehensive knowledgebase, tutorials selection and community forums for help otherwise. It’s not your typical faceless ‘tickets-only’ operation.

    I know this is a classic glowing ‘happy-customer’ review, but they genuinely are a top quality hosting company to be with. Highly recommended.

  5. May 8, 2005

    kibblerok (no link provided) rated Clook 5 stars.

    Been with clook for over 6 months now. Super fast hosting (uk) and very nicely priced.

    Have only needed to use support a few times when moving across and they were fast and knew their stuff.

  6. May 8, 2005

    kibblerok (no link provided) rated Clook 5 stars.

    “Offering the usual hosting goodies you would expect from a host.

    Choice of UK/US servers for shared, reseller, VPS or dedicated hosting.”

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