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  1. October 27, 2009

    Wilf Wilshaw ( rated Layer Seven Hosting 5 stars.

    I’ve just transferred my domain to layer seven hosting.

    Hassle free, cheap and it’s fully load balanced. EXCELLENT!!!

  2. October 9, 2009

    John Daly (no link provided) rated Layer Seven Hosting 5 stars.

    I dont know about you, but after years of having my own websites and spending hours upon hours of time building them up to try and make me a little cash my host has a blip and my website goes down or performs like a dog! Not only do I get penalised by Google natural search all my adwords PPC was still being charged, it cost me an arm and a leg

    I thought to myself, there must be someone out there that can offer me a better service without paying through the nose for it! Days of searching turned into weeks of searching and it finally dawned on me, if I wanted reliable hosting I would have to pay through the nose for it.

    Having your website on a load balanced soltion can become extremely expensive, when I setup my first load balanced solution it cost in excess of $200,000 for the equipment alone and then ongoing charges of $5000 per month to house inside a datacenter.

    Benefits of Load Balancing:
    * Protect from any single point of failure
    * 100% server uptime
    * Seamless scalability
    * Compatibility between different server hardware and software
    * Downtime-free maintenance
    * Extremely Fast serving websites
    * PPC Adwords quality score improves
    * End User experience (website visitor) far superior

    Services load balance(able):

    * HTTP (Web)
    * HTTPS (SSL Web)
    * Mail
    * DNS
    * Applications (java etc.)

    Disadvantages of Load Balancing:
    * Expensive
    * Extensive Knowledge required

    Virtual Hosting Advantages:
    * Available from every tom, dick and harry website
    * Cheap
    * High amounts of slow resources available e.g unlimited diskspace, bandwidth etc.

    Disadvantages of Virtual Hosting:
    * Unreliable
    * Slow
    * Prone to downtime
    * Single points of failure
    * Often not correctly secured

    Finally Along Came Layer Seven Hosting
    I thought to myself, why do I want to put my business at risk and host all my websites on servers with no disaster recovery solution in place or multiple single points of failure. This is how Layer Seven Hosting was born, is a new company and the first company in the world to offer fully virtual CPANEL load balancing on the UK\’s fastest network (graphite rack) not only that, this service has never been available to the virtual hosting market.

    Load Balanced Hosting CHEAPER than virtual hosting?
    After 6 years of having my first dream to be able to provide load balanced hosting cheaper than virtual hosting and people telling me it just can\’t be done! I finally showed all the sceptics. I invested my own money into this new solution, and have managed to be able to offer you fully load balanced hosting at £1.50 ($2)

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