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  1. April 6, 2012

    Andrew ( rated Media Temple (mt) 4 stars.

    I’ve been with Media Temple for about 2 years now and my time there has been pretty positive. After a number of bad experiences with shared hosting, I moved to a (dv) 3.5 VPS, which proved very reliable (great uptime), if a little slow from the UK.

    After a year I moved to their then-new (dv) 4.0 VPS, which was much snappier. I’m currently migrating over to a (ve) server so I can get more control over the server (I want to run some Node.js apps, and couldn’t get it to install on the older version of CentOS the (dv) servers have).

    Resource usage was perhaps higher than I’d hope. I was hosting about 5 WordPress sites and a couple of static ones, most of which were low traffic and one of which was a bit busier (busier one had 10k uniques, 10-20GB bandwidth a month), and the memory usage was mostly at 70-90% of the limit on a 512MB server. This could be a problem if you want to host more / busier sites. I didn’t optimise Apache much beyond what came with the box, but then I’d hope they would configure their default installation to work well with their servers.

    Their support documentation and wiki are great resources for setting up and configuring the server yourself, and quite a few others have written useful guides of their experiences too elsewhere on the web. I’ve only had to ask one support question, which was answered in about an hour and perhaps a little brusquely, though it did give me the answer I needed.

    I haven’t tried their (gs) shared hosting, which is what most people with bad experiences seem to complain about, but their VPSs seem pretty solid to me.

  2. May 28, 2010

    JC (no link provided) rated Media Temple (mt) 2 stars.

    I’ve recommended clients use mediatemple in the past, when they’ve been going for a US audience. I figured it’d be better and I see their banners everywhere.

    Sadly on both occasions the clients have been disappointed after 2 months and 6 months. Both have switched to (cheaper) UK hosting providers which (strangely) provide a faster transfer than the US-based mediatemple :S

    Support not as great as would have liked. Quick to respond, but not *actually* very helpful.. and the databases went down a few times.

    They have slick branding and marketing though!

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