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  1. September 29, 2005

    DJ Binks (no link provided) rated penguin host 2.5 stars.

    I used to use these, they was good, for a US host. One thing that got to me is: when i got my hosting I went for the pro package, got something like 1gb space 20gb bandwidth, even though on their site it said : For a limited time the professional plan now offers 2000mb of disk space and 60,000mb (60gig) of bandwidth. It has said this for over 2 years!!! It took me in excess of 24 hours, i didnt think this was all that good for what i needed. I also tried to get a domain back off them but they decided to sell it to some company with a spyware infested site! Nice one! I for one will not be using these again.

  2. May 13, 2005

    freak_boy (no link provided) rated penguin host 4.5 stars.

    the customer service was good, responded quickly.My site went down once and an email sorted it out. The only other problem is that they offer just 10 mySql databases. They have lots of goodies (they use Cpanel/fantastico) like different shopping softwares, blogs, album, stats, chatrooms (java and php based) etc etc.
    All in all a good rounded company! and would recommend them!

  3. May 13, 2005

    freak_boy (no link provided) rated penguin host 3.5 stars.

    Website hosting company. Based in US. cheap. you can get 2GB webspace and 60GB bandwidth.

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