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  1. August 5, 2012

    Jon Groocock (no link provided) rated PrimeHosting LTD. 0.5 stars.

    Dreadful company. Used to be good until it got swallowed UH Hosting.
    Downhill all the way after that. Poor tech support well really none to be honest.
    Company doesn’t have the technical know how how to run a business. No disaster recovery plan and frankly doesn’t care about it’s customers.
    Keep clear.

  2. August 1, 2012

    Rusty (no link provided) rated PrimeHosting LTD. 0.5 stars.

    Recently their entire server array went down for 48 hours. Websites went back up but with a 2 month old backup. Telephone support was closed and told people to check Twitter in which they do a standard tweet every four hours with no explanation at all. Called parent company (M247) and was told the same things with no explanations and no confirmation of when the latest back-up was.

    I have given this company the benefit of the doubt so often but this is the final straw. I phone support at least once a month and that is just not acceptable. I even paid extra to have my own dedicated IP for emails due to their normal ones going on spam lists on a weekly basis.

    I am now going to move hosts and I warn everyone to avoid this company at all costs.

  3. prime hosting user (http://shocking) said:

    Repeat long-term downtime, with no support. Their servers have been down for ten hours thus far today – calling says please email (with the call then getting cut off), whilst the emails get bounced as their server’s down. No updates on their Twitter or Facebook feed, so the customers are left in the dark as usual.

  4. April 6, 2011

    Chops (no link provided) rated PrimeHosting LTD. 1 stars.

    See reviews for UH hosting – it’s the same company. I’ve used this service for a few years and I wouldn’t recommend that anyone uses it. I’m urgently seeking a new host for my 50 domains and 30 websites.

    Despite their recent datacentre investment they give shocking performance (not slow at all, but very unreliable) and denial that there’s a problem from the top.

  5. October 17, 2006

    JonB ( rated PrimeHosting LTD. 5 stars.

    Started off as a customer when the company was only small, service was excellent never any downtime however I moved due to the (then) high prices as I had found a much cheaper canadian host. What a big mistake that was! After no amount of hassles I moved my main domain back a couple of months ago. Prices have dropped, the company expanded and the service is just as stable and quick as it always was! Great, friendly customer support too. Account was transferred in minuites. Big thumbs up! :D :D

  6. October 17, 2006

    JonB (no link provided) rated PrimeHosting LTD. 5 stars.

    UK based (London servers), cPanel/WHM webhost. Has support for PHP4/5, Ruby on Rails, MySQL, CGI/Perl. 24/7 technical support (60 minute response time)

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