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  1. April 4, 2009

    TC4 (http://tchan4.com/blog/) rated S-i-g-m-a 5 stars.

    It has just been under a month and I feel I am impressed enough to give SiGMA my review.

    For £6/year, I am receiving the same service I received at Vidahost. When I was with Vidahost, I was paying over 8 times as much as I am now for the same service.

    Servers are hosted in Germany, ping times to my site 42ms (vidahost 28ms) and I am getting download speeds of over 12MegaBYTE/s.

    When there is going to be downtime, they let you know via email.
    The only niggle I have is their support response can range from 10mins to 48hours but when they do reply, they know what they are talking about.

    A lot of people say they are overselling their service with their prices but they aren’t. They currently are not accepting any new customers while they concentrate on their current ones. Registration will open again soon.

    Finally, they don’t use cPanel they use ispCP. Very easy to use!

  2. August 17, 2008

    Rainmaker (rainmakersrealm.com/) rated S-i-g-m-a 5 stars.

    I can’t believe these guys weren’t already on here! They host several sites for me, and my domain email. Aside from the knowledgeable UK support and almost zero downtime in the last two years, it’s been nice to see the innovation involved. I’ve seen SFTP, SSL encrypted email servers (IMAP, POP and SMTP), and tons of other services added (for free) onto the existing packages. Ask and you get!

    Bandwidth is awesome too – I easily saturate my 2.3 MB/sec 22 meg line from my webspace at any time, and have FXP’d between my host server and others at well over 100 Megs a sec!

    These guys deliver where hosts costing 100x more a year fail. Check them out – for this price what’s to lose?! :)

  3. August 17, 2008

    Rainmaker (no link provided) rated S-i-g-m-a 5 stars.

    UK based hosting company with Gigabit fibre backed servers in the UK and Germany. Excellent shared hosting packages starting at GBP£6 per YEAR for 6GB of space! Great UK support, 24/7/365 – no script monkeys! :)
    VPS and dedicated servers also available.

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