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Average Rating: 3.91

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9 User Reviews:

  1. August 6, 2010

    Rob ( rated Streamline 0.5 stars.

    By far one of the worse support lines I’ve ever had to call. Offshore call centers with operators who can barely understand English do not mix well.

    They won’t even let me change the A record of my domain.

    Avoid these clowns at all costs. Glad I have my main hosting elsewhere.

  2. June 25, 2010

    dekez (no link provided) rated Streamline 4.5 stars.

    I only have a small photography website, but have found the service very reliable and easy to set up. In the 3 years I’ve been using them I’ve only had to contact support a couple of times and response was quick and good on both occasions.

  3. June 15, 2008

    malfunkshun ( rated Streamline 2 stars.

    Support is OK if its not a public holiday.
    Performance suffers more than most at peak times.
    The offered mySQL set-up is obscure (remote mysql server instead of the usual local host.
    But you do get a hell of a lot for your money.

  4. February 29, 2008

    Robert Corley ( rated Streamline 0.5 stars.


    I bought a reseller package (2 years) and listed below are the reasons I have moved my hosting elsewhere before my first year was up.

    Reasons why:-


    I have experienced endless problems with all aspects of the hosting and domain emails, to list but a few:- frequently crashing SQL server, consistant ftp errors when uploading, slow DNS response times… the list goes on.

    The worst thing that happened was when they reset all the passwords on everything related to my account causing me to have to contact all my clients to tell them their passwords had been reset, and then streamline’s servers crashed because everyone was trying to reset their passwords at once, so I and my clients were without email for a day.

    Slow Servers

    Because their hosting is unlimited space and bandwidth it means that most of the time their servers have a very slow response time. and the upload speed on the ftp is very slow.

    Customer Service

    Their customer support is the worst I have ever experienced, they don’t have email support or telephone support, only support tickets which you have to submit through their website and when you get a reply you get an email saying ‘you have a reply to ticket number xxxx’ but doesn’t actually have the message in it so you have to log back into your account to view the reply!

    So people PLEASE PLEASE DON’T use this provider, it will give you a headache for months, however tempting the unlimited looks.

    I have moved all my hosting to who have similar packages at reasonable prices – their reseller hosting you can host unlimited domain names and its only £100/year. Their servers are very fast and so far 100% reliable they also have 24/7 support, live chat, telephone and email.

  5. November 5, 2007

    caff ( rated Streamline 4.5 stars.

    Excellent service, only one minor hiccup setting up a site (Linux hosting when it should have been Windows) but resolved within a few hours. Bought several domain names through them. Basic control panel for the money, but unlimited bandwidth.

  6. May 1, 2007

    malfunkshun ( rated Streamline 4 stars.

    Good on pricing, packages are pretty decent. It performs well but occaisionally gets a little sluggish during peak times. MySQL database is a big let down though, its generally slow, except at very late times.

  7. August 29, 2006

    MagSafe ( rated Streamline 5 stars.

    Superb service, excellent reliability, great technical support with well priced packages.

  8. August 29, 2006

    paddyuk ( rated Streamline 4.5 stars.

    Excellent, fast setup, great support, lots of users supported. they even featured in several computing magazines and sponsers racing cars. Not badly priced either, im very happy with them.

  9. August 29, 2006

    paddyuk (no link provided) rated Streamline 3.4 stars.

    Hosting for UK and US, tucows reseller, very good and affordable lots of users. would recommend. good support

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