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3 User Reviews:

  1. February 15, 2007

    BurningHorizons ( rated Telana Internet Services 5 stars.

    Appears to me a small company, but with that you get the personal touch. Always had wonderful service for about 4 years now. We host our custom forums with them. Like the other review has said, probably not up to hosting the big stuff, but for small-to-medium sized companies it’s great.

  2. May 17, 2005

    arty (no link provided) rated Telana Internet Services 4.5 stars.

    Recently I designed a medium-sized website for a client of mine looking for something fairly stylised and complex for their up-and-coming band. I used a PHP5-based CMS I wrote myself as the back-end, which meant a PHP5-supporting host was necessary for this website.

    Telana was something we came across out of the blue. They are a US-based webhost with a fairly simple, clean site and relatively modest prices – and they support PHP5, unlike the majority of hosts at present. Before we signed up we conducted a fair bit of email-based dialogue to confirm their support speed, which turned out to be very good – they responded to all but one of our emails within 2 hours of us having sent them, despite their being US-based.

    Due to time constraints we decided to take the risk and sign up for them. They gave us a temporary subdomain while the DNS propagation was in progress to allow us to set up the website before the domain name went fully live, which was excellent. There was a minor issue with a mailing list being blocked by their servers but it was resolved quickly and without hassle.

    Since the site went live it has received small to medium traffic (around 4GB in the first month rising to around 8GB per month now), including moderately large (30-40MB) video and audio files, and as far as I know has suffered no downtime.

    Their range of packages is a bit of a let down; as far as I know they only offer a single pre-defined hosting package which is the one we went for. In our case this was ideal, however it may well not be ideal for smaller or larger sites.

    All in all I’d recommend Telana for small-medium websites, particularly where PHP5 would be useful and US hosting is not an issue.

  3. May 17, 2005

    arty (no link provided) rated Telana Internet Services 4.8 stars.

    “Telana Means Web Hosting
    Got a website? Our web hosting service is only $8 a month with no setup fee.

    Host as many domains and mailboxes as you want. We only care about disk space and bandwidth. If it doesn’t cost us extra, it doesn’t cost you extra. Keep your nickels and dimes.”

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