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  1. May 10, 2018

    IT Nut Hosting (https://www.itnuthosting.com/) rated Unlimited Web Hosting 5 stars.

    IT Nut Hosting is an SSD Web Hosting provider and Domain register giant serving worldwide. Affordable price, quality control, balanced packages and 24/7 customer support makes us special in the market. Contact us at sales@itnuthosting.com for help.

  2. April 15, 2012

    Richard (no link provided) rated Unlimited Web Hosting 5 stars.

    Awesome hosting company, truly unlimited hosting in the UK for just £3.30 per month for a single website including a domain (.co.uk).

    Also the websites load quickly, if you put a little work in, showing that resource contention is minimal, (depends on your website and node, however, this is my experience with a small wordpress blog.)

    Easy to use Plesk control panel for the websites with applications panel for simple deployment of common website frameworks/CMSes. The billing and domain control panel allows plenty of functionality, such as moving the domain to another provider.

    Communication of potential disruption is top notch, and problems, I’ve had one in 18 months of hosting, is resolved quickly and competently; even going above and beyond.

  3. Mark (no link provided) said:

    UK based web host offering professional web hosting on the cheap. No CAPs and No Limits. My host works out to about 8p ~ 9p a day… Unlimited everything.

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