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Description submitted by ‘Lee Yates’: Small UK based start-up company, ‘founded by geeks’. German based servers mean high quality, cheap bandwidth (hence no restrictions on customers’ use of it), and the staff seem intent on providing the kind of service they wish they’d received elsewhere. Offering shared hosting (Linux with Parallels Plesk control panel), Shoutcast and IRC hosting, as well as enterprise solutions.

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  1. James ( said:

    Hi I’d like to point out that since Lee’s review was posted we’ve transferred to a new host, have upgraded from a VPS (Virtual Private Server) to a Dedicated Server, and are now using DirectAdmin for our control panel which is much simpler to use. After the loss of the bespoke Parallels Plesk server, Lee went back to TSOHost, but recently rejoined us, and is now happy with a reseller package tailor-made for him @ £5.00GBP per month.

    As mentioned above, we have upgraded from a VPS to Dedicated server, so VPS hosting is now available, with Linux VPSs starting at just £6.50 per month! Website will be updated with details shortly.

  2. June 28, 2010

    Lee Yates ( rated Vault Hosting 5 stars.

    I joined these guys after a long stint with TSO. No complaints about TSO of course, but their fees aren’t the cheapest and even the Pro package is fairly low on space (for me).

    I know the guy who started Vault Hosting (through online chat only), I feel I should disclose that here. However, Vault has offered me a seamless transition from TSO (they FXPd all my data over), and the Plesk control panel is very powerful and easy to use. Way better than CPanel :)

    I have never failed to max out my 50 meg line from ‘my’ server, whether over FTP or HTTP. Support is almost instant, and for only £4 a month I really can’t complain. Yes, they’re small and yes, they’re new. But what have you got to lose? I’m over the moon with these guys and the servers are very quick!

    I asked about a VPS, but they said they want to be 100% sure the shared hosting is working as planned before they move into other areas. It’s nice to find a sensible and customer-focused host who doesn’t over-subscribe for the extra cash. Apparently VPS are due soon.

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