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151 User Reviews:

  1. March 19, 2017

    Paula (no link provided) rated Vidahost 1 stars.

    Vidahost used to have amazing customer service, but not any more. I’ve had a problem accessing my domain via ftp for 14 hours now and still they have not resolved this issue. I phoned them three times, then opened a suport ticket, but still no help of any real value. They say they offer 24/7 support, this is clearly not the case, or I would not be here sitting writng this review, having tried for over 14 hours to get help to resolve this issue.

  2. April 21, 2013

    able ( rated Vidahost 5 stars.

    This is really perfect domain registar in UK.
    Several days ago, I started a support ticket when I was facing a little problem when using their service, they answered me in two hours.
    Perfect indeed.

  3. December 26, 2012

    Tom (no link provided) rated Vidahost 5 stars.

    Cannot recommend vidahost enough! Great software to access your server, loads of apps which can easily integrate with your website. And the customer service is awesome! Never dealt with a company who reply to support requests so fast and by people who have the capability and knowledge to be able to solve any issue!

  4. November 20, 2012

    G North (no link provided) rated Vidahost 5 stars.

    Another 5. Support is phenomenal. I swear Dom and Seb are acronyms for two support teams. I can’t believe just two people can be doing this. All responses I have had have been less than 5 minutes. I was in a state of shock when I first contacted them and their reply was virtually instant at 10:30 p.m. in the evening. Its useful responses as well, not the passed on to a tech expert after two days crap I used to get from my previous supplier and then nothing. And its half the price. Moved my other site there, been with them for 3 years – absolutely no complaints – they even sent me an e-mail explaining the reasons for a short service breakbreak. Top Notch

  5. October 23, 2012

    gsf600y (no link provided) rated Vidahost 5 stars.

    Wow – I wished I’d moved over sooner. Good speeds, website is good, and reasonable price.
    The support is outstanding – fast, and they know their stuff.

  6. August 17, 2012

    jill tyler ( rated Vidahost 5 stars.

    Vidahost online support is superb. I asked them to help me out of a fix (of my own making) and they responded within 2 minutes, and fixed the problem. You really can’t ask for more. they are so much cheaper than my last host (1&1) and 10 times better!!

  7. August 8, 2012

    Mo ( rated Vidahost 5 stars.

    Great customer service and uptime. Love their cloud. I wish I can give them some coffee :-)

  8. April 21, 2012

    Ben Mitchell ( rated Vidahost 5 stars.

    Can’t give vidahost any less than 5 stars. Their customer support has always been superb. :)

  9. February 21, 2012

    Ian Wilcox ( rated Vidahost 5 stars.

    Best host ive ever been with!

  10. September 28, 2011

    Knowlesy ( rated Vidahost 5 stars.

    I was recommended vidahost and I am currently on one of their basic packages. Hosting sites with them is breeze the setup so simple its ludicrous!

    Ive had several issues (user error oops!) however they have helped me out in a highly friendly manner very pleasant over the phone and emails !!!!

  11. June 1, 2011

    sldsmkd (http://n/a) rated Vidahost 5 stars.

    I have a small VHost with these guys for personal use. It falls over every 3-4 months or so, but a quick note to their support team and it’s back up and running *extremely* quickly. Very responsive support, can’t fault it.

  12. May 23, 2011

    Christopher Darling (no link provided) rated Vidahost 5 stars.

    I’ve been with a number of different hosting companies in the past (Big and small). Vidahost have been excellent, their support is outstanding. The staff are friendly, fast, and know what they’re talking about! I can’t recommend them enough.

  13. February 22, 2011

    m4rkw7 ( rated Vidahost 5 stars.

    Vidahost are truly awesome, you can also use coupon code “markw7″ for 10% off!

  14. December 16, 2010

    Tone (no link provided) rated Vidahost 5 stars.

    First class service from the Vidahost team. They are always quick to respond to emails with friendly and helpful advice. Very reassuring for a web-host newbie user such as myself. Shall be signing up for another two years.

    Couldn’t ask for more!

  15. December 12, 2010

    Spaceman (no link provided) rated Vidahost 5 stars.

    I have been with Vidahost for a year now, I moved to them to host our company website, I was looking for a reliable fast and value for money U.K hosting provider and with Vidahost I certainly found what I was looking for.

    Servers Uptime and Speeds are unbeatable and the Support is amazing too.

    Im so happy with with them their prices for Domains and Shared hosting are fantastic.

    They get a full 5 star review from me, see you on their forums.

    Regards: Chris L / Spaceman.

  16. December 11, 2010

    Mark ( rated Vidahost 5 stars.

    I have been with Vidahost now for nearly 2 years and I must say that it has been first class all the way. I have been with other hosting companies which don’t come anywhere near the level of service and commitment Dominic and Seb at Vidahost give there customers. As a novice they have helped me and my company no end and would have no worries in recommending Vidahost to anyone.

  17. December 7, 2010

    Chris ( rated Vidahost 5 stars.

    I’ve been with Vidahost since December 2006, so 4 years now and thought it’ll be a good time to write a review.

    I selected Vidahost as I wanted fast, UK based webhosting. I read many forums and reviews before making the decision. I also emailed Vidahost directly to ask questions, to which they responded to each question directly 15 minutes later.

    4 years on, I don’t regret it. Support is both very prompt, normally with 10 mins (I don’t know when they sleep), and very polite and helpful.

    This year, I’ve even moved my domain registrars to Vidahost as I wanted to use a company that has personal fast support and not slow, scripted responses.

    So in a nutshell, very happy and no plans to move, infact, that reminds me, I need to renew sooner, especially before the VAT increase :-)

  18. October 22, 2010

    Ryan Newman ( rated Vidahost 5 stars.

    Vidahost provide outstanding customer service. Seb and Dominic provide a personal service and have been helpful in the time we have been with them. If they keep this up, they will have very loyal client base. Well done guys.

  19. October 7, 2010

    Tom Hole ( rated Vidahost 5 stars.

    I have been hosting with Vidahost for 5 years and experience no problems at all with downtime / server issues etc!

    That said Dom and Seb (the two guys behind it) have been massively supportive going above and beyond with helping me get on from novice to someone who has now invested in their reseller account and is getting his clients online!

    Their level of support is unprecedented!
    And as just about everyone else has said, almost everything is standard through to everything open in cPanel to mySQL databases to install blogs etc

    Awesome company that puts people first and who are not afraid to talk to you on the phone

    6 STARS

  20. October 6, 2010

    Micky ( rated Vidahost 5 stars.

    Service 10/10 to ring anybody these days and get an answer with 2 rings is amazing!! The chap I spoke to could not have been more helpful for a novice like me , thank you I will be staying with you based on customer service alone !

  21. October 6, 2010

    John ( rated Vidahost 5 stars.

    Vida customer service for hosing is top class i work with my clients who i have explained to transfer there hosting to vida

    great work guys

  22. October 6, 2010

    Dave ( rated Vidahost 5 stars.

    Following recommendation from a friend we moved our website to Vidahost and I am writing just to say a big thank you because it was so easy and quick. Truly recommended.

  23. October 6, 2010

    Diane ( rated Vidahost 5 stars.

    First of all my background is of a medical nature so my IT knowledge is very limited indeed . During the short time I have been with you I have consulted support on numerous occasions re tech problems I have encountered. To put it mildy I have struggled and at time I have nearly been in tears . However one of my knights in white armour namely Dominic has come to my aid during many of those times (like today for instance and has gone above and beyond the call of duty to help me and sort things out .
    This has always been in an expedient way and yet I know you must have plenty of people like myself wanting help

    The main point I wish to make is that because I know my own field of work inside out I have felt very embarrassed at having to (as I feel ) pester the life out of him . However not once has Dominic made me feel stupid or a fool and yet Ive often thought that he must dread seeing my name on the ticket when it arrives ha ha

    Seriously though you have no idea how much this means to someone like myself who does feel a fool re the techie side of things.

    The second of my knights in white armour namely Seb has come to my aid during many of those times and has gone above and beyond the call of duty to help me and sort things out . Seb appears to take over when Dominic leaves and it is always seamlessly .Clearly these two guys work as one
    Again Seb has always been in an expedient way and yet I know their are plenty of people like myself wanting help

    The main point I wish to make is that because I know my own field of work inside out I have felt very embarrassed at having to (as I feel ) pester the life out of him . However not once has Seb made me feel stupid or a fool and yet Ive often thought that he also must dread seeing my name on the ticket when it arrives ha ha

    Seriously though you have no idea how much this means to someone like myself who does feel a fool re the techie side of things.

  24. October 6, 2010

    Nick ( rated Vidahost 5 stars.

    Vidahost were recommended to us by a web designer as we had outgrown our shared server. The transfer was effortless and the customer service we have received since has been first class. We would highly recommend Vidahost to anyone looking for a hosting solution. Keep up the good work!

  25. October 6, 2010

    Paul ( rated Vidahost 5 stars.

    I really appreciate all the services of Vidahost that are easy and quick. i have a complete peace of mind with Vidahost work.

  26. October 6, 2010

    Anthony ( rated Vidahost 5 stars.

    Fantastic hosting service. Any problems have been of my own making and have been quickly resolved with a smile. I cannot recommend highly enough.

  27. October 6, 2010

    Steve ( rated Vidahost 5 stars.

    I was looking for a new webhost for my already established gaming website. After a search around I found Vidahost to be the exact one I was looking for. Cheap Prices and a customer service that can only be described as NUMBER ONE!

    I have had no issues with them and had no downtime during the move neither which I felt was a bonus.

  28. October 6, 2010

    Dave ( rated Vidahost 5 stars.

    Great hosting no problems at all.
    1 of the best i have used


  29. September 13, 2010

    Peter ( rated Vidahost 5 stars.

    Very good hosts, reasonably priced and with good backup

  30. September 13, 2010

    Dave ( rated Vidahost 5 stars.

    Very easy and quick transition over to Vidahost.

    I have complete faith in their abilities, no problems at all.

    Really a very good service.

    Many thanks

  31. September 13, 2010

    David ( rated Vidahost 5 stars.

    I moved to Vidahost after being dissatisfied with iPage. Moving my site over was a breeze, and when I had a query it was answered immediately. Accessing my site is also noticeably faster than before. I would have no problem recommending Vidahost to anyone. So far great service. Keep up the good work!

  32. September 13, 2010

    Rich ( rated Vidahost 5 stars.

    Really impressed with your friendly and efficient service.

    Love using cPanel for doing quick uploads, and Softaculous made installing WordPress 3.1 a breeze.

    The one technical query I had regarding database connectivity was answered very professionally.

    Have got my blog running well, and also set up a test area for PHP / MySQL work. Next on my list is a Drupal installation.

    Thanks very much.

  33. Richard ( said:

    Vidahost – One Word – Outstanding!!

  34. September 13, 2010

    Tom ( rated Vidahost 5 stars.

    I’ve used Vida host previously for other websites and have been so impressed I’m going to move my new window tinting website over to them.

  35. September 11, 2010

    Vernon (no link provided) rated Vidahost 5 stars.

    I’ve been with Vidahost for a year and i haven’t had any problems. They are friendly, reliable and very fast.

  36. August 4, 2010

    Martyn Wilkins ( rated Vidahost 5 stars.

    Having had a terrible experience with previous host who took my money and then provided nil support I was determined to try and find a hosting service that provided top support and service, after doing research on web I opted for vidahost.

    I the short time I have been with them I know I have made the right decision, the couple of problems I have had transferring a domain has been fully supported by vidahost. They have responded quickly, have great communication system and given I have purchased just a basic service, have made it feel like a 5 star service. I am delighted.

  37. August 4, 2010

    Seb King ( rated Vidahost 5 stars.

    Without a doubt the best hosting company out there. Rapid response to any technical questions, 24hrs a day 7 days a week and so far no site down time at all!

  38. June 22, 2010

    Jezebel Design ( rated Vidahost 5 stars.

    We were very badly let down by a previous web host with whom we had 20+ websites hosted.

    Vidahost have helped ease the process of moving over to them greatly, and so far we can’t find a single fault with them or their service.

  39. May 19, 2010

    Chris ( rated Vidahost 5 stars.

    I love Vidahost, they have amazing tech support and super fast UK based servers.

    By far the best hosting company I have used.

  40. March 17, 2010

    Martin Ballard ( rated Vidahost 5 stars.

    VidaHost have been nothing short of superb!

    Their support staff consistently go far above and beyond the call of duty, on hand through all hours of the day and night. I would happily recommend VidaHost to anyone and can genuinely not rate them high enough.

  41. March 17, 2010

    Kevin Relf ( rated Vidahost 5 stars.

    The ease at which I switched to a vidahost hosting account was very impressive and I’ll will continue to use their services

  42. March 17, 2010

    Daniel Platten ( rated Vidahost 5 stars.

    Excellent service. Have had to use support tickets a few times, and have been given advice within 10 mins every time.

    The hosting i have is also spot on, never any down time, and well worth the low costs!

  43. March 9, 2010

    Gordon Lowe ( rated Vidahost 5 stars.

    having used other webspace providers have to say have found vidahost the most user friendly, particularly for those like myself who are not that computer friendly. thank you

  44. March 9, 2010

    Pizza Express Vouchers ( rated Vidahost 5 stars.

    Fantastic service here from Vidahost. I recently moved over from Godaddy where I encountered many problems. The quick response time from Vidahost meant changing over was a no brainer. Thanks so much.

  45. March 9, 2010

    Ian ( rated Vidahost 5 stars.

    We are a company with business activities in both the UK and Poland. We found that having our online sites hosted by a Polish ISP a bit too risky after much down time, lack of support and various language problems. So we had to find a new ISP who we could trust and also who could offer all of the requirements we currently needed to maintain our online sites. Vidahost have proved to be that ISP. We have had great support in moving back to the UK from Poland some of our hosting requirements and getting the 1st of 2 online shops back online (the 2nd online shop still has to be moved). The technical help is also 100% as is the speed of returned emails and fault finding. I always think first impressions count and Dominic has sure shown that Vidahost cares about each and every one of its customers.

    We are now looking forward to a long and happy business relationship with Vidahost.

  46. March 9, 2010

    Gareth Williams ( rated Vidahost 5 stars.

    We moved to Vidahost when our previous hosting company transferred all of their hosting accounts to Vidahost. During this transfer we experienced problems with Vidahost’s invoicing system, these were soon recitifed.

    We have just launched our new website and have got to say how helpful Seb and Dominic have been during the transfer process, they have answered all questions asked quickly and have sorted out problems that have occurred during the transfer process. I know that I can ask a question and it will get answered usually within 10 minutes at the max a couple of hours!

    Vidahost is a great company to deal with and I will have no hesitation to recommend them to anybody! Their prices and hosting plans are great value for money and are simple and easy to use!

    Thanks Vidahost! I look forward to a long working relationship!!! :)

  47. March 9, 2010

    Stuart Cudlipp ( rated Vidahost 5 stars.

    Having spent a painful 6 months with one of the biggest hosts on the net, moving to Vidahost has been a breath of fresh air.

    Not only are the servers feature rich and super fast, there is an excellent backup / restore solution in place and the technical support has been excellent, going above & beyond what you would normally expect all the way to debugging flakey web code.

    Keep up the good work Dominic & Seb, looking forward to a long stay with Vidahost :-)

  48. March 9, 2010

    Paul Hadrill ( rated Vidahost 5 stars.

    I have been looking for a web hosting solution that truly is based within the UK and have finally found it!

    Incredible service for the price and the performance is incredible compared to my previous host.The support is outstanding and the ability to use JailShell again after my previous host taking it away from me saves so much time in certain situations.

    I still have about 4 months left on my previous hosting site but will just let that die a slow and painful death.

    Thanks Vidahost.

  49. January 19, 2010

    James Nixon ( rated Vidahost 5 stars.

    Fantastic prices and fantastic service. Not used a better host over the past 10 years. Ticks all the boxes.

    Thank you Vidahost!

  50. January 19, 2010

    Robert Varny ( rated Vidahost 5 stars.

    We have been hosting with Vidahost for almost a year now and I can’t praise them enough. Our old host were terrible in comparison – they had 24 hour support.. but it wasn’t worth the hassle. You’d have to sit there online while they were doin godknows what (probably nothing) and it would take forever to sort anything. Vidahost – 1 email to support and they take care of it!

    5 Star rating from the crew at!

  51. January 19, 2010

    Matt ( rated Vidahost 5 stars.

    I’ve had a shared hosting account with vidahost for around 2 years. You can’t fault them at all VERY good pricing always happy to help and will fix problems within minutes of you raising them. Top notch.

    Unfortunately this will probably mean i will spend more money with them in the not to distant future….

  52. January 19, 2010

    Chris Lowthian ( rated Vidahost 5 stars.

    Have been with Vidahost for the past year and have found them to be the most reliable web host I have ever used.

    Their support is amazing and I always get a reply in super fast time.

    If you have any doubt about Vidahost just look at all the other testimonials from the many other happy Vidahost customers.

  53. January 19, 2010

    Jill ( rated Vidahost 5 stars.

    I have had a few hosts and some have been ok, while others have been disastrous. I came to Vidahost purely through word of mouth when I was having a bad time with my then host.

    I have to say that so far Vidahost are the best hosting company I have had yet. It is not that they are 100% trouble free – no host is ever that – but it is the way that things are dealt with.

    First of all the speed! Every ticket is replied to extremely quickly. You actually get to correspond with somebody who speaks English AND knows what they are talking about! Somebody who doesn’t pass the buck and blame everything other than their servers. Somebody who is ALWAYS polite and helpful – what a breath of fresh air!

    Secondly, they go out of their way to help you, even when it has nothing to do with their hosting but perhaps a script you are using. They actually WANT your site up and running all the time!

    Vidahost definitely get a thumbs up from me!

  54. January 19, 2010

    David ( rated Vidahost 5 stars.

    Fantastic company to deal with.

    I was with another hosting company and moved over to Vidahost earlier this year. A great move!

    I’m using their reseller package so all of my clients will be happy as well.

    Quick to respond to any questions or problems and sorted immediately.

    Can’t recommend them any higher; extremely pleased.

    Many thanks Vidahost :-)

  55. January 14, 2010

    Graham ( rated Vidahost 5 stars.

    Fantastic customer service

  56. December 30, 2009

    Lisa Roberts ( rated Vidahost 5 stars.

    Great service. Always available to help with any enquiry. Thank you.

  57. December 30, 2009

    Pete Lloyd ( rated Vidahost 5 stars.

    Very Very pleased.

    The support is very efficient and the guys really know their stuff.

    Reliable and affordable

    Thanks Vidahost!

  58. December 30, 2009

    Adam Marksby ( rated Vidahost 5 stars.

    Vidahost isn’t like Marmite, you’re only gonna love it! ;)

  59. December 30, 2009

    Gareth ( rated Vidahost 5 stars.

    I used another company prior to switching to Vidahost, and thought that their service was good. However, since I made the switch to Vidahost I’ve discovered what a great provider they are – they put the previous company I used to shame.

    I’ve been very, very impressed with the level of support that I’ve received from Vidahost over the past year. I’ve asked them questions and have made some unusual requests, and in every case they have responded incredibly quickly – within minutes even when I’ve contacted them during very unsociable hours – and they’ve always been extremely helpful.

    Hosting is a cut-throat business but these guys are awesome at it. I shall be sticking with Vidahost for the foreseeable future as, in my experience, they really are fantastic, offering great packages at very good prices. Did I mention that they’re very reliable too…?

    I only wish I’d been told about Vidahost years ago and hadn’t bothered with the previous company I used for several years!

    Keep up the good work, guys, and you’ve got my custom.

  60. December 30, 2009

    John ( rated Vidahost 5 stars.

    Thank you for all your help during my first year with you. Response time to my queries has been second to none, and the responses have been exactly what were needed. As a beginner at this game, I couldn’t be with a better hosting service.

  61. December 30, 2009

    Jordan ( rated Vidahost 5 stars.

    Absolutely fantastic. Signed up due to a recommendation and I could not recommend Vida enough. Reliable, easy, quick service hosted in the UK for a reasonable price.

    Support is beyond top notch, responses round the clock in a way I’ve never experienced before, and Dom is willing to help out with even slightly awkward requests such as changing DNS zones for things hosted off site.

    Shows a fantastic commitment to customer service, I hope to stay on Vidahost for as long as possible :)

  62. December 30, 2009

    Alexander ( rated Vidahost 5 stars.

    I appreciate it’s very early days but first impressions are superb. I don’t think I’ve ever had such an easy set-up. Access seems quick too.

    If this carries on I think I’ll be transferring all my websites here

  63. December 30, 2009

    Dave ( rated Vidahost 5 stars.

    Great support – truly exceptional and efficient which is very rare these days.

  64. December 30, 2009

    Wufuquan ( rated Vidahost 5 stars.

    Powerful server with fast connection, plus superb support.

    I give 10 for Vidahost.

    Vidahost are amazing!

  65. December 30, 2009

    Jody ( rated Vidahost 5 stars.

    Having no experience with setting up a website prior to this, I have found the whole experience very easy to understand so far. Vidahost provide good value hosting and access to tutorials which i have found very useful

  66. December 17, 2009

    Tom Nash ( rated Vidahost 5 stars.

    Before starting my hosting with Vidahost I was a complete novice with both web design and the act of hosting a web site. I was recommended Vidahost by a friend and I am so glad I heeded their words: The Vidahost service has been nothing short of exceptional. I have not experienced any downtime at all, parked domains were easy to configure and as my skills have grown all the functionality has been there for more advanced features. All in all a great hosting service whether you are a beginner or an expert!

  67. December 17, 2009

    Adam Lusby ( rated Vidahost 5 stars.

    I first became aware of Vidahost through a large thread on a bargain forum which is very apt as the low hosting prices give a great deal for what you get with them, and prior to discovering them I found it hard to get consistent good reviews or feedback for other webhosts. I’ve only just started to create websites and has been my first to be hosted on the Internet – I had a couple of issues getting it up and running, but I always got through to Vidahost quickly and was aided without any fuss. Now I know of a webhost that I can always recommend to anybody.

  68. December 17, 2009

    Ken Robbins ( rated Vidahost 5 stars.

    I am 58 years old and completely new to web sites – Vidahost has made my introduction to this technology simple and painless. The cost is very resonable and the service is very reliable. I can’t comment on the support as I have not yet had the need to use it, everything has run perfectly and has been simple to understand. Thank you for a great introduction, now back to learning more about php!!!!

  69. December 17, 2009

    Tony Ryan ( rated Vidahost 5 stars.

    I was recommended Vidahost by some friends, and decided to set up my own website. It was quicker, cheaper, and easier than I thought it would be. I really wish I’d taken the plunge sooner. Not long after registering I asked some technical questions, and they were answered extremely quickly. I have nothing but high praise for Vidahost and have recommended them to everyone!

  70. December 17, 2009

    A Forbes ( rated Vidahost 5 stars.

    Vidahost are amazing! – they respond to queries incredibly quickly, a highly professional company which I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend!

  71. December 17, 2009

    Graham ( rated Vidahost 5 stars.

    I have just transferred my hosting to Vidahost. They looked after the transfer of my websites from my old host from start to finish. I received prompt responses to the many question I had and I am very pleased with their service. Dominic was still in touch with me regarding the transfer even though it was 10.00pm on a Sunday evening. It is refreshing to get such a great level of service from a company these days.

  72. December 17, 2009

    Rob Gale ( rated Vidahost 5 stars.

    I would like to say a massive thank you for your incredible service that I have received from you with regards to the hosting of my domain and emails. You were the most cost effective solution for my company and the services that are offered far surpass the competition. Many companies offer great support until they have your money but I have found this different with your company. When I was looking to purchase you answered my queries and always phoned back within minutes of leaving messages. The other day when there was a fault on the site I emailed you and within minutes got a response saying that this had been fixed. I would have no hesitation to recommending you to any of my business associates.

  73. December 17, 2009

    Lynn ( rated Vidahost 5 stars.

    I wanted to add that the customer service on the site is excellent, the response time is fast and they offer the human touch. I can’t recommend them highly enough!

  74. December 17, 2009

    Dave Jones ( rated Vidahost 5 stars.


  75. December 17, 2009

    Fab Flowers ( rated Vidahost 5 stars.

    When we were looking for a new host, we were overwhelmed with the sheer number of providers out there. We decided to go for Vidahost based on the numerous recommendations out there. We have found their servers to be fast and their support excellent with most queries responded to within 10 minutes! They treat you as an individual, not just another number. Thank you Vidahost for a fantastic service!

  76. December 17, 2009

    BikeVis ( rated Vidahost 5 stars.

    Had been with a USA based host for years and finally got sick of slowness and downtime. Transferred to Vidahost today and blown away by the server speed in comparison. (and this is only shared hosting!?!) Vida missed a call of mine during sign up period but rung me straight back to my surprise, tech guy on phone was extremely helpful and knew his stuff. If things continue like this I will be recommending to everyone. Big Thumbs up

  77. December 17, 2009

    Robert ( rated Vidahost 5 stars.

    Vidahost are the best! We were worried at first that Vidahost might be another let down after bad experiences with a few of the “bigger” hosting companies, but they have been absolutely brilliant. Vidahost couldn’t have been more helpful if they tried. We had a few problems swapping our sites over and they offered to help. They answer quesries within a few minutes and genuinely want to sort problems out. My last hosting company had a massive help department and it seemed the game there would be to pass your problem around to as many people as possible. Not so at vidahost. Most of my problems sorted out within minutes

  78. December 17, 2009

    Shalina ( rated Vidahost 5 stars.

    I chose Vidahost from a shortlist of 5 other hosting providers. Being new to affiliate marketing, I chose a hosting provider on price alone when I started out at the start of 2009. With a combination of an increase in traffic and revenue on my website, and a decrease in reliability from my previous provider, I was forced into moving my website to a new host in July 2009. I sent each hosting company a number of questions and waited for their feedback. Though I’d researched those that I’d short-listed, I still needed something more to help me decide. I chose Vidahost based on response time. They, I believe, responded before anyone else to the questions, even though I sent them quite late in the evening. The friendly nature of their telephone contact that I spoke to the next day, the expertise in helping me choose the right product. the non-pushy sales talk as I said I was still looking despite taking their time on email and telephone and they were fine with this price; not as cheap as the previous hosting company but not as expensive as others. loads of fantastic positive reviews around the internet they’re based in Bath, Somerset, with people you can call on that not only know their stuff but also respond in lightening quick time. My previous host had a contact centre located in Asia and at times explaining my site issues became an issue in itself. I was losing sleep about the migration, but in the end there was minimal downtime, Vidahost guided me through all the necessary steps and I was live within half a day. Since then any small issue I’ve had has had a lightening quick response (they claim sub-10 minute response times but I’ve not had to wait that long) and they will ensure that anything you raise is fully looked into and acted upon. So in summary, I feel I’ve made a fantastic choice. On a technical side, one other, perhaps startling thing I found was how fast and responsive WordPress all of a sudden became! As this was my first personal installation of WordPress on the previous host I didn’t know any different. After the migration, posts were saving quicker and pages within WP were loading faster. However Vidahost have set up their infrastructure is making my life as an affiliate marketer so much more easier now. I shouldn’t have to worry about the technical back-end of my site and now I feel I don\\\’t really have to. All in all, job well done from Vidahost and I look forward to many many more years hosting more websites with them.

  79. December 17, 2009

    Mark Jones ( rated Vidahost 5 stars.

    What can I say !!! Dominic and Seb have been fantastic, there commitment to customer service is first class. I would and have already recommended them to people. Thankyou guys

  80. December 17, 2009

    Adam Ataar (,) rated Vidahost 5 stars.

    A couple of months ago I switched from to because I was after a more flexible and cost effective service. The migration of both my .com and domains to Vidahost was effortless. The support was very fast and it was a great start. Following the migration of my first 2 domains, I migrated the rest of my domains as I was very impressed with the service, especially the incredibly helpful and fast responding support. Any queries or changes I required to my service were implemented very quickly. I have yet to come across an ISP that is as flexible as Vidahost and that is prepared to tailor the service to my needs. I wanted to add a shell account to my services and this was done within 5 minutes of me calling in! All in all, a very happy and impressed customer. I have already referred people to Vidahost and will continue to do so

  81. December 17, 2009

    Jonno Morris ( rated Vidahost 5 stars.

    Vidahost have proved over many years to actually deliver superb service, and continuous service – just the sort of thing a small-scale custom webdesign studio and reseller like myself is looking for. Previously I have tried a dozen others, both market leaders and internationally recommended hosts – only to find their service, customer support, or restrictions rendering their services untenable. One even had 5-weeks continual downtime, refused to answer my support queries, and then did not renew a domain name – even though they charged me for it. I eventually had to report them to Nominex, and their parent company finally sorted things out (With Nominex guidance). Eventually I did receive a communication from them, simply asking me to supply my bank details so they could take payment – they didn’t even know I had moved all my domains to Vidahost 6 months previously! Hahaha!BT are another load of idiots – there service is probably fine, but their servers are actually located in USA and accessed via a third party who only support defined browsers (IE 7 or higher). I now have this domain hosted with Vidahost for my client
    \r\nI really like Vidahost for three reasons. 1. Excellent service 2. Excellent support from Seb and Dominic 3.Excellent Control Panel with full root access and the ability to alter cmod permissions (Sometimes required to update certain things like Forums, weblogs, etc) They also continue to update their hardware and software, always adding new and useful things to their packages The only downside is that it is not free (Joke) – but heah! These people offer the very best service in the world at very competative prices. Try it and see, you won’t regret it

  82. December 17, 2009

    Peter Rogers ( rated Vidahost 5 stars.

    Usually with cut-price suppliers you expect to get cut-price service. Not so with Vidahost. Every query I have made through their website has been followed up by a personal email within a few minutes. All technical issues I have had have been solved just a few minutes later. Indeed, the service has been so good that we are planning to move our business-critical systems into their dedicated server hosting package, again the cheapest in the industry with an unparalleled level of reliability. Thanks Vidahost!

  83. December 17, 2009

    Bonnie Blayney ( rated Vidahost 5 stars.

    I don’t recall how many years I have had Vidahost as a provider because they have been pleasant years. Any time a problem or question arose I have had a quick response with solutions or explanations. No other server has been as prompt. Every person I have had respond has been patient with this novice web page owner. I stretch my hand across the big ocean in Thanks.

  84. December 17, 2009

    Colin Knowles ( rated Vidahost 5 stars.

    Having only just taken over the running of from my friend Mark,i as a complete computer numpty relied on the guys at vidahost to ease me into it all and i must admit the customer service is top notch thanks so much guys

  85. December 17, 2009

    Sue ( rated Vidahost 5 stars.

    Having used a number of hosting companies in the past (and being pretty cynical as a result), I assumed given the fantastic value for money, that there would be some catch, but I’ve yet to find one. I’ve had no downtime that I’m aware of and the customer service has been consistently excellent. Thoroughly recommended.

  86. December 17, 2009

    Ken Rose ( rated Vidahost 5 stars.

    I wish I would have known about vidahost 10 years ago. This service and support is one of the best I have seen. A Quick response when you need them. Since I set up my website in March 2009, it has taken off no end with over 7,000 hits. Old clients have come back to me, New ones have made contact from recommended clients. So, all in all, a very satisfied customer

  87. December 17, 2009

    Geoff Woodward ( rated Vidahost 5 stars.

    My annual domain name renewal with Netnames was due at a cost of 35 pounds. When I saw that Vidahost could give me EXACTLY the same service for just over 7 pounds, I initiated the move. After three emails to Netnames over a period of four weeks, I was finally able to complete the transfer with the help of the staff at Vidahost. Two days after the successful transfer, I received a reminder from Netnames about the need for renewal! Thanks Vidahost for all your help.

  88. December 17, 2009

    poundra ( rated Vidahost 5 stars.

    > Thanks,Great service with vidahost. Good service great bandwith.Thanks again

  89. December 17, 2009

    Luc Shelton ( rated Vidahost 5 stars.

    After my account was recently transferred over from another competitor in the market, Vidahost truly rose my expectations of how ANY server-hosting organisation should perform.Dominic and Seb are clearly professionals within their fields and after the previous support and care that I have received from either one of them, it’s safe to say that Vidahost should be anyone’s (at least) first place to look for a top-quality hosting solution.Luc.

  90. December 17, 2009

    Ellen Camara ( rated Vidahost 5 stars.

    I have been with your company for many years now and have always got the most awesome service! Emails back and forth whenever there was a problem were always answered promptly and in a most professional way. I am so glad that I’ve had the pleasure of doing business with such a great company that does indeed keep their customers happy and up to date on everything. Keep up the great work!

  91. December 17, 2009

    James Berridge ( rated Vidahost 5 stars.

    Only been with Vidahost for just over a year but they haven’t yet failed to impress. If I ever mess things up or just want something changed they are always quick to respond whether very late at night or over the weekend. If I didn’t have a reseller account I’d definitely recommend Vidahost to anyone I knew!

  92. September 9, 2009

    Collette ( rated Vidahost 5 stars.

    We where initially concerned about what the service would be like when we moved are hosting to vidahosts. But we need not have worried, the service is excellent, and the customer service is second to none, you actually always get to speak to a real person !!!

    Whenever we have contacted vidahost they have been more than helpful, and explained everythink to us in a way that us non \”technically minded\” people find easy to understand. I would certainly reccomend them to anyone who is needing hosting for their website, or who is thinking of changing hosting.

  93. September 9, 2009

    Andy ( rated Vidahost 5 stars.

    Vidahost are by far the best hosting I have had in the last 10 years and the cpanel is so easy to use and customer service is the best, I would recommend them to anyone

  94. September 9, 2009

    Tom ( rated Vidahost 5 stars.

    Vidahost provide an excellent service and their support is second to none, I even contacted them on Christmas day because I had lost my login details and received an email back from Dominic within 15 minutes, you can’t get any better than that.

  95. September 9, 2009

    Sue Spedding ( rated Vidahost 5 stars.

    The friendly guys at Vidahost go flat out to keep clients happy. They take customer support to a higher level. Emails are replied to in super fast time, the phone is usually answered within a few rings and they always have time to help. Thanks a million!

  96. September 2, 2009

    Matt Wood ( rated Vidahost 5 stars.

    I’ve had a Vidahost shared hosting account for several years. How good are they? Good enough that I recently consolidated all my domains onto Vidahost’s hosting.

    In addition to my websites, all my email goes through Vidahost’s hosting, so it’s essential that the service is reliable. Fortunately the company’s servers are fast and very rarely experience downtime.

    It’s the support that won me over, though. I recently inadvertently attracted 100GB of traffic to my website in a five-hour period. Not only did my site stay online until I hit my bandwidth limit (and remember, this is shared hosting), but when I discovered the issue at 3am, Vidahost were on hand within the hour to restore service to my site (something which they had no obligation to do.)

    Highly recommended.

  97. August 4, 2009

    Richard Fry ( rated Vidahost 5 stars.

    Having read some of the other testimonials I can only echo other peoples experiences as being the same as my own. These guys are great. I had been hosting my main site at various hosting providers with very mixed service levels chopping and changing frequently to try and find a hosting provider who was both reliable and responsive, even after the trial period. Then in July 2007 I found Vidahost. They transferred my existing website over and have provided fantastic customer service throughout.

    Some people say that hosting is their bread and butter, Some people say that they eat coffee beans to stay alert answering customer queries within minutes 24/7 all we know is that they are called Vidahost and we love them.

  98. August 4, 2009

    Lee Wareing ( rated Vidahost 5 stars.

    If i could some up vidahost in 10 words it would be:

    vidahost. vidahost. vidahost. vidahost. vidahost. vidahost. vidahost. vidahost. vidahost… vidahost.

    (Seriously though, you guys are awesome. I couldn’t ask for a better service.)

    Don”t know how you could improve it, erm… … .. nope. can”t think of anything. oh hang on you could maybe have a mascot like a blue giraffe or something.

  99. July 31, 2009

    Jamie ( rated Vidahost 5 stars.

    Vidahost are the first hosting company I have ever used.

    Well I have to say the experience has been quick, informative and helpful.

    Their support is excellent and they know their stuff like the back of their hands.

    The products offered are very good and value for money twice over.

    Excellent company

  100. July 31, 2009

    Graeme C Reid ( rated Vidahost 5 stars.

    I have had absolutely no problems with the hosting of my site. It is always visible (if there is server down-time I have not been aware of it).

    Problems that I have had (passwords etc) have been resolved quickly.

  101. July 30, 2009

    Stuart Burgan ( rated Vidahost 5 stars.

    I have 5 domain names, one of which used to be with Vidahost. Now all 5 are with Vidahost. Why? Any organisation can care for customers. The two stars at Vidahost, Seb and Dominic, care ABOUT their customers and there is a world of difference.

    How many others offer top service plus easy 0800 personal contact and will actually ring you back if you wish anytime day or night. The only true 24/7 I’ve come across.

  102. July 30, 2009

    Jonny Caldwell ( rated Vidahost 5 stars.

    My first experience of vidahost was when I transferred my domain names over from 123-reg. I had heard wonderful things about vidahost on various forums and so decided to give it a try. I was very impressed with the professionalism shown even in the simple task of moving over domain names. The guys seemed very friendly and helpful. As a result I decided to try out the high speed UK based hosting services. The ball kept rolling and now I have all my domain names and a reseller account with vidahost. The service is quite outstanding. The latest episode was an 11pm one that required accounts to be transferred urgently from an older host. Even at this time of night the guys were most helpful in supporting the process and helping out. Not only is the support and service excellent but the wealth of information they possess and are willing to share ensures that everything runs smoothly and I learn alot in return. Absolutely no regrets so far and I cannot imagine that changing any time in the near future.

  103. July 30, 2009

    John ( rated Vidahost 5 stars.

    Glad i found them, excellent support, out of the 4 different web hosts that ive used im most impressed with the support from vidahost, they are quick to reply to your requests for support.

    One of the guys even spent time looking into something where he really didn’t have to, he was very helpful and did everything in his power to answer my questions.

    I have actually recommended them on a forum that im a regular on, i noticed too that it doesn’t matter how small and cheap the plan that you are on with them, regardless they are helpful everytime.

  104. July 15, 2009

    Dee Edwards ( rated Vidahost 5 stars.

    Extremely impressed with Vidahost.

    We have just moved over to them and even going through the new business process with other companies was painful. By contrast, the Vidahost guys quickly understood our requirements, and helped us get up and running, not just painlessly, but pleasurably. They were quick, responsive and friendly to boot.

    We hope we won’t have any downtime, but if we do, we trust that Vidahost will get us back up and running in no time at all.

  105. July 10, 2009

    Adam ( rated Vidahost 5 stars.

    What can I say other than fantastic! I’ve used plenty of other hosts before but nothing so far matches the reliability and service offered by Vidahost.

    I switched to Vidahost as I needed a reliable and affordable UK based hosting service. Vidahost is exactly that, reliable and affordable.

    Support is in a league of its own – I think the longest it’s taken to get a reply to an email is 10 minutes!!

    Highly recommended.

  106. April 9, 2009

    Jim ( rated Vidahost 5 stars.

    Cheap, fast and good support, need I say more.

  107. February 2, 2009

    Sandulescu Sorin ( rated Vidahost 5 stars.

    Vidahost UK offer high quality web hosting for a very good price.
    Friendly support team.
    Fast response to tickets.
    I use there shared web hosting services for more than 5 months.
    I’m very satisfied!

  108. November 13, 2008

    Alan Coxon ( rated Vidahost 5 stars.

    Fast, great customer service were very helpful in transferring the domain, really great stuff! Will recommend for future!

  109. August 16, 2008

    Alex ( rated Vidahost 5 stars.

    Fantastic service, never had any issues. I added a new domain to my hosting account and it was up and running in less than 30 minutes!

  110. April 20, 2008

    A.N.Other ( rated Vidahost 5 stars.

    Great hosts. I’ve had my website with them since Easter 07 and I’ve never had a problem.

    Extremely quick to reply on e-mails when I had trouble with a payment going through. Top marks.

  111. April 8, 2008

    Jez ( rated Vidahost 4.5 stars.

    In 2007 I hosted my own server, providing myself with whatever service I wished. Unfortunatly it was expensive…I needed a cheaper solution.

    With a sigh I started my long search for a hosting provider fitting the following requirements:

    1. They had to be cheap, dirt cheap, after all im an educated technical person I know this stuff isnt rocket science.
    2. They had to be reliable..when im round my mates house and i show him my gallery photos I dont want to see some error 404 message
    3. They had to have a damn good control panel, as a technical person I want to control every aspect of my hosting space…ftp…web…access, email, exceptions.

    I tried no less than 6 providers (happy to give you exact details of who I tried upon request).

    In the end I tried Vidahost for a month…

    I would like you at this point (if your still reading) to imagine an extremly awkward customer. One of those people who seems to just want everything for nothing. That great service you thought you provided…with this bugger of a customer think again they want double.

    Thats me that is.

    Vidahost have satisfied every request I have asked for…look at this:

    1. I didnt like the choice of 4 web based email services they provided…so they specifically installed a new one for me (roundcube)

    2. I didnt like the fact I couldnt access my control panel for work…they set me up my own proxy server so I could access it

    3. My gallery photo site didnt work (desite the fact it also never worked on anyone elses hosting space)…they got it to work for me and even told me how to update it.

    4. Their responses to tickets have always been less than 30 seconds.

    Sorry…what…you meant 30 minutes right?

    Nope, I mean exactly what I typed, 30 seconds – try the trial, see if im wrong…


  112. April 1, 2008

    Ian Bowden ( rated Vidahost 5 stars.

    I had been with a competitor for several years, when
    my site outgrew my hosting plan. I switched to
    Vidahost having been recommended to a friend. I’m
    pleased to say I’ve enjoyed the best customer support
    I have experienced with any company I have dealt

    It’s very normal to have my emails replied in 10
    minutes, any time of the day. They even transferred my
    site from my old host within an hour, something would
    given me a headache and hours of work. I’ve been a
    customer for many months now and have been on my site
    daily, never noticing slowdown, let alone downtime.

    Like many others, I can thoroughly recommend Vidahost
    for value, great customer support and service. 10/10.

  113. January 16, 2008

    tchan_4 ( rated Vidahost 4 stars.

    Been with Vidahost for over 4 months and not had a single problem with them. Great service!

    8 stars because, the ‘Medium’ & ‘Advanced’ package is way too expensive compared to other hosts. The ‘Starter’ package has excellent features for the price which is why I chose Vidahost. When my 12 months is up, I will be changing hosts as £99/yr is too expensive for me when I can get more for less.

  114. September 6, 2007

    Jamoor ( rated Vidahost 5 stars.

    Signed up a few days ago, was disappointed that today at 8amish I couldn’t access my website.
    Go to the vidahost site to submit a ticket to find out what’s going on, while I am writing the ticket someone from Vidahost CALLS me to tell me why there is downtime!!!
    Now that’s customer service! (I admit not having it in the first place would be good, but things go wrong from time to time.

  115. August 29, 2007

    Hxc ( rated Vidahost 5 stars.

    Absolutly fantastic hosting, brilliant support, faster than anyone I have ever tried. Thank you oh so much, running currently!

  116. May 20, 2007

    fluiduk ( rated Vidahost 5 stars.

    Awesome! Customer service has been absolutely brilliant, they couldn’t have been more helpful if they tried. Have only had a few minutes downtime since I signed up with them and they were on top of it straight away and even sent an email explaining the cause. I can’t reccomend these guys enough.

  117. May 16, 2007

    xb8browney ( rated Vidahost 4.5 stars.

    Been with these for just under a year and they are really good with fast support and very good up time. Best host I have used to date

  118. February 8, 2007

    sp217147 ( rated Vidahost 5 stars.

    Just registed, entire process was very quick. Excellent response time for queries (sent email at 21:30 got reply after 5 minutes).
    Excellent value aswell.

  119. November 30, 2006

    ConfusedTA ( rated Vidahost 5 stars.

    Following reviews on here, decided to check out Vidahost. Prices were excellent, the order process was easy, and within 2 hours everything was up and running.

    Had an issue with emails/MX records, but within 5 minutes I had a reply, and within 30 minutes of submitting support request online, the problem was resolved.

    I now have over 10 domains on my reseller package, not a single further problem!

  120. November 19, 2006

    swanny ( rated Vidahost 5 stars.

    Been with countless of companies, lost about 1000 pounds of money through scams and i hope at last ive found the perfect host. Looks very reliable and is lightening fast.

  121. November 19, 2006

    Swanny ( rated Vidahost 4 stars.

    Been with countless of companies, lost about 1000 pounds of money through scams and i hope at last ive found the perfect host. Looks very reliable and is lightening fast.

  122. October 20, 2006

    N/A ( rated Vidahost 5 stars.

    Last night we dispatched an email at 3am to several companies with a long lists of questions we needed answering. Of all the replies only two put any real energy and enthusiasm into their replies. Vidahost and MCHosting.

    The extra amazing thing about Vidahost that made us choose them? Their reply was literally minutes after I sent the email at 3am. We were very impressed.

    Since that moment (and we are an awkward customer to please) we have had a steady stream of near instant replies to help our every concern. They have been amazing support wise, and we have had no problems at all with their hosting.

    A real genuine 10/10. Really can not find a fault. And believe me we tried!

  123. October 18, 2006

    w00der ( rated Vidahost 5 stars.

    After reading many good reviews on here about vidahost i took a resellers package from them. I have now been with them 6 months and recommend there service, which is speedy, efficient and reliable.

  124. August 17, 2006

    bellamy ( rated Vidahost 5 stars.

    Top notch! Went with them after reading reviews here and must say I’m not dissapointed!

  125. August 10, 2006

    penski ( rated Vidahost 5 stars.

    Speedy, friendly and personal service, able to offer a custom solution at a bargain price. Absolutely fanboodytastic.

  126. August 5, 2006

    RandomTom ( rated Vidahost 5 stars.

    I’ve recently purchased my first website with hosting and buying from Vidahost was really easy and great, I’m enjoying my new hosting and large amount of bandwidth to play around with, Hopefully my site will grow well and enjoy a long time with Vidahost, no problems from me just good service so far.

  127. August 1, 2006

    Thackary ( rated Vidahost 5 stars.

    I inadvertently attracted 750,000 pageviews to my site in less than 48 hours. Other hosts may have shut my site down, but Vidahost, through constant communication (a rarety from webhosts these days) and really helpful advice, succeeded in keeping the site online.

    Communication is excellent, and the guys really know their stuff. I’ve already recommended them to a number of friends, colleagues and business partners, and I’m about to expand my hosting package on their brand new server.

  128. August 1, 2006

    Neil ( rated Vidahost 5 stars. came to my rescue when I previous web host could no longer support my site ( due to the large number of hits and processing power required. Faced with the prospect of closing the site, Vidahost were able to provide me with a shiny new web server with a much better deal than my previous host. Support is excellent and any problems have been solved very very quickly. I would recommend them to anyone.

  129. July 30, 2006

    smoove ( rated Vidahost 5 stars.

    I’ve been seeing alot about Vidahost on the interweb alot recently and decided to take the plundge after reading muchos-good stuff about them on OCUK! To be honest, I’m glad I did it, they managed to move my site across, setup a custom package for me and setup my account in under an hour. Not a bad word about them! A++

  130. July 22, 2006

    Dr P ( rated Vidahost 5 stars.

    I have reposted my review as Vidahost should have received 10/10!

    Based on reviews from here, I set up a site for my wife with Vidahost. Set up was very straightforward and a single query I had during the setting up was answered immediately. Top marks for customer service. The site has been running very smoothly and much faster than a similar site hosted by a major hosting company. Lots of features included for the money. It seemed to be too good to be true but the reality is even better. Well done Vidahost.

  131. July 4, 2006

    blade007 ( rated Vidahost 5 stars.

    I keep coming back to vidahost. The prices are good, but more importantly the support is superb. They have rang me back if the line was engaged, and have answered my emails without fail. A quality hosting company!

    – Reviews merged by admin —

    This is the second hosting with Vidahost. Have set this one up for a friend, after having great service myself.

    Top marks! Ordered the site and domain name, and 1 hour later all the account and space had been setup. Four hours later the domain was active and everything was working. Five hours from nothing to having a site on the net! Can’t give a high enough score.

    The email response is also very quick and polite.

    One very happy customer.

    – Reviews merged by admin –

    This is my first go at finding hosting. I chose Vidahost mainly because there’s a telephone contact number where you can get help quickly. That’s the most useful thing for me because I’m not in IT and I don’t have any IT mates. So I’m doing this blind and alone.

    Setup was easy and it took about 2 hours from paying to getting my webspace. The control panel is a bit overfacing at the start (1 billion options). But in fact, I didn’t have to touch any of that. Just uploaded files to the IP and voila! I also wanted to install a forum but wasn’t keen on the phpBB automatic install. So I emailed them and within 30 mins I had a reply saying they could install SimpleMachinesForum (which I wanted) for free. They did it and within 10 minutes it was up and running. Stunning stuff.
    I’m still at an early stage .. but I am very happy with them. They seem to know their stuff very well and don’t speak in IT jargon, thank god.

  132. June 12, 2006

    adwhitworth ( rated Vidahost 5 stars.

    Good service and excellent reliability. Tried to knock them down on price but they were having none of it. ;) I’ll get my revenge some day!!!

  133. June 4, 2006

    MC_Bob ( rated Vidahost 5 stars.

    Fantastic price. Good support. Easy to use interface and has got all the features I need it for.
    Excellent host.

  134. May 28, 2006

    BeatMaster (no link provided) rated Vidahost 5 stars.

    Perfect. Up time is around 99.9% and not a single problem, absolutely faultless! Any problems (if any) are quickly resolved via MSN or a freephone number. Prices are really good and they were more than happy to move me to their new, high-end London servers.

  135. May 28, 2006

    jonrohan (no link provided) rated Vidahost 5 stars.

    Purchased a basic package for my girlfiends website. Works a treat with great support. Would recommend them.

  136. May 4, 2006

    drewk1 (no link provided) rated Vidahost 4.5 stars.

    My first experience of using a Hosting company.
    I entered the wrong domain name by mistake.

    My email asking if it was possible to correct my error was answered within the hour and the error was fixed within 24 hrs.
    ( a new domain name which I originally wanted was provided free of charge )

    Everything works as it should so far.

    Very impressed

  137. May 2, 2006

    divine_madness (no link provided) rated Vidahost 5 stars.

    Had hosting with Vidahost for several months now, and so far I cannot fault it. Plenty of bandwidth with good speed, good controls with cPanel X.

    The hosts themselves are incredibly friendly and helpful, and seem to never sleep either!

    Set-up was very fast, overall highly reccomended!

  138. April 28, 2006

    bigred (no link provided) rated Vidahost 5 stars.

    I found Vidahost from OcUK after my bargain deal with dreamhost had expired. I would recommend them to anyone, the transfer of the domain was extremely painless and the service so far has been excellent with no major or noticeable downtime.

  139. April 19, 2006

    dmce (no link provided) rated Vidahost 5 stars.

    First go with a web host, as i have previously played around with xampp on my own machine.

    So far so good. Rapid response to questions via email. Friendly guys. Easy to setup.

    Havent put a site up yet so will update when i have.

  140. February 14, 2006

    nolimit (no link provided) rated Vidahost 5 stars.

    this is my 1st hosting and vidahost was very easy to setup, the email response is very quick. so far so good. well pleased.

  141. January 4, 2006

    suki (no link provided) rated Vidahost 4.5 stars.

    Quick setup, good support. no problems with servers ever being down or speed issues.

  142. December 10, 2005

    Haly (no link provided) rated Vidahost 5 stars.

    Vidahost seem to pride themselves on being extremely helpful and friendly while still being excellent value for money.
    I’ve had no problems at all with their service and the guys are always helpful whenever I have a question about anything.
    Both uploading and downloading speeds are great and the flexibility the large amount of mysql databases brings is fantastic.

    Couldn’t recommend more :) Best webhosting company I’ve used over the past 5-6 years.

  143. December 9, 2005

    Mort (no link provided) rated Vidahost 5 stars.

    Discovered Vidahost when asking on the OcUK forums for a decent hosting resellers provider. Too which was quickly answered by a couple of customers and a member of Vidahost Staff.

    Shortly after I started chatting to Beansprouts on MSN and he was addressing any queries I had as soon as I had them.

    Very helpful and friendly service, not too mention the quality and reliability of it as well. Have nothing but good too say about these guys!

    2000 Mysql Databases included in the package was like music too my ears, after paying £80 per DB from fasthosts.

  144. November 19, 2005

    Sic (no link provided) rated Vidahost 5 stars.

    Moved from Krystal due to better available offers on Vidahost, and i must say the service is far superior to anything i’ve had with other hosting companies. Not only do you get a personal service, with directors being available on MSN pretty much all day (i’ve heard Dom doesnt sleep, they just charge him like a laptop!) and replying to emails before i’ve even had chance to flip to another window, they’re great value for money and offer all the tools you need to get your site off the ground.

    dont let the fact that they’re a fairly young company put you off, they conduct themselves with far more professionalism than you could ever need :o )

  145. October 29, 2005

    Tomsk (no link provided) rated Vidahost 5 stars.

    Switched from 1&1 despite their hosting service being very good. But when a problem arose their CS let them down.

    Vidahost was on my shortlist (after finding this site) and my mind was made up when I discovered I knew one of the directors. He answered a few questions and I signed up.

    I’m still figuring my way around websites and VCpanel so any mistakes are usually fixed by some RTFM.

    Service so far has been reliable. Vidahost are verfy good value for money with more than enough webspace (for me) and data transfer.

  146. October 11, 2005

    Tesla (no link provided) rated Vidahost 5 stars.

    I have had experience with several hosting companies in the past. I am what is considered a very-light user. All I require is a domain name and catch all email.

    I know the MD of Vidahost but made sure I looked into the service and it’s competitors before offering over any money as I have been burnt in the past.

    I liked what I read on their site and from other users, so signed up at a very reasonable rate.

    It was made very clear to me that the hosting is based in the states but this has had no effect whatsoever.

    Customer service is fantastic, I always get a human reply within a few hours (to be honest it’s usually within minutes!) so cannot complain there at all.

    I needed the control panel software customising a little for my forwarding needs and this was performed immediately upon request.

    I would very happily recommend the company to anybody ranging from light users such as myself to corporate use.

    All in all a fantastic service which I cannot fault at all.

  147. October 3, 2005

    OvertoneBliss (no link provided) rated Vidahost 5 stars.

    Vidahost are excellent value for money. I have a customised reseller account which was up and running in no time. Any problems (read: Me not having a clue about some things) were sorted and explained straight away. Support and help is always available.

    Do it!

  148. August 10, 2005

    Otacon (no link provided) rated Vidahost 5 stars.

    Very personal and friendly service. I have a standard package and paid extra for SSH access which is a god send for minor changes to my php files. I also transferred my domain to them, which went through promptly and flawlessly.

    Can’t fault them yet.

  149. June 1, 2005

    Joe T (no link provided) rated Vidahost 4 stars.

    I have one of the starter packages from vidahost, mainly for hosting my photgraphy galleries. The download speed is very good, and like others it uses cpanel for administering your space. Only once did I have a problem, and the guys were very helpful with fixing it and providing a short-term alternative. Recommended. :)

  150. May 8, 2005

    robjf (no link provided) rated Vidahost 5 stars.

    VERY friendly and personal service. The added bonus for this company is the fact that i directed a charitable event at them for a website redesign. The company policy (i have since found out) is that all not-for-profit organisations and those who are made of volunteers, can have sites designed for them for free!! (by those nice guys at VIDAHOST). Top marks all round IMHO.

    (Reviews merged)

    Vidahost have recently updated some of the packages. The Starter package now includes 5 addon domains, aswell as 5 parked domains. This coupled with no less than 20 MySQL databases makes it very good value. When you concider the amount of badnwidth and space you get aswell, your in pure heaven. The support. as i have already said, is also brilliant. I really cannot find any faults with this company. The company may be based in the USA, but i am yet to notice any difference, and compare the features you get on similarly prices UK servers with these.

  151. May 8, 2005

    robjf (no link provided) rated Vidahost 5 stars.

    Vidahost provide domain names, shared/reseller hosting, and have servers in both the UK and USA meaning there are options for everyone and all services have been flawless for me.

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