Description submitted by ‘Edward’: Stablepoint are a relatively new hosting company having been founded in 2019. They utilise global cloud providers so you can choose your server location from 30 locations around the world.

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  1. October 1, 2019

    George (no link provided) rated Stablepoint 5 stars.

    I’ve been using Stablepoint now for a few months and I can wholeheartedly say I have had nothing but a great experience. Prices are reasonable and the speeds are fantastic, especially compared to my old host. Also, their support has been the best I’ve experienced and I have never waited more than 5 minutes for a reply in their live chat. I encourage anyone who has a website to give them a go!

  2. September 30, 2019

    Edward (no link provided) rated Stablepoint 5 stars.

    After experiencing problems with my current provider, I found Stablepoint and used their migration service to move my site over. I’m paying a bit more than before but overall I’m really happy with the service, they’re really easy to get in touch with and all of the staff seem to know what they’re talking about.

  3. September 27, 2019

    Ultra (no link provided) rated Stablepoint 5 stars.

    I came across Stablepoint on Twitter by accident, after learning the directors of the company are the ex. Tsohost directors.

    I initially spoke to Darren via live chat who gave me a call back within a couple of minutes. After a 10 minute
    discussion I made the decision to move an initial server to Stablepoint. The fact
    I was speaking to someone, who as I remember from years ago, who definitely knows his stuff, was extremely encouraging.
    In all honesty, the fact I was speaking to a technical person within minutes of requesting was a huge plus point.
    Most web host limit your telephone contact to first line support people.

    When signing up, I decided to be extremely cheeky and ask for a new customer discount.
    Seb provided a 5% discount code. Which I thought was a very generous discount based the value of server I was buying.

    I decided to migrate an initial server that contained several legacy and 3 modern Laravel PHP applications. I looked upon this as
    being a good initial server to test the servers and Stablepoint themselves.

    I believe it was Seb who I spoke to when saying that I’ll check back for migration completion in a few days.
    Seb immediately said the entire process would be complete within several hours, definitely not days. I’m not used to such efficiency.

    There was lots going on technically with the sites, including Redis, a queue services, PHP settings,
    custom document roots, custom deployment scripts, cron jobs, SSL certificates,
    one site with 50 plus DNS entries (I have zero desire to manually recreate those manually again), databases etc.

    Stablepoint migrated literally everything for me without any fuss. No stressful telephone calls involved, just a simple support ticket.

    I cannot state how refreshing (even freeing) it is to speak to technical people who are on top of their game. There was no
    misunderstanding, delays or tickets to “confirm” details which I had already provided.
    As I was speaking to technical people (instead of first and second line support people) everything was effortless.
    I had a couple of very minor issues with the migration, but those ended up being down to my application and me hard coding in PHP baths within bash scripts.

    As I’m a business owner and host sites for clients (who themselves run their own businesses), prompt and knowledgeable
    technical support is very important. Whilst I feel my old host came to forget this fact (i.e. issues I raise relate to my clients own business),
    Stablepoint are clearly on top of their support game.

    As an example, one of my (minor) requests was to install an upgraded shell called “ohmyzsh”. With my old host I recall
    this was a drawn out process that involved multiple support tickets and even telephone calls.
    As I am now speaking mto technical people at Stablepoint the same request was completed within a single reply. No fuss at all.

    I religiously use a service called “uptimerobot” to manage uptime and response times for the majority
    of larger systems I am responsible for. Compared to my old host, average response times are down significantly.
    To illustrate, one site is a complicated Laravel PHP administration area ( my client pretty much runs their entire business from it,
    with 35 staff members using it the majority of the day). With the old host load times were 3-4 seconds. On the Stablepoint servers,
    without any changes to the application, I’m happy to report they’ve dropped to under 2 seconds. That’s impressive for a very complicated application that makes lots of database and API calls.
    My client (fairly none technical) actually called yesterday to state the site is “snappier” and loads much faster. I’m sure this is down to the quality of hardware or the fact Stablepoint
    are using the “PHP LiteSpeed SAPI” instead of PHP-FPM. Either way, everything is much faster and my client
    looks upon the move as a massive upgrade. Ultimately, this is what I’m aiming for – client satisfaction. Stablepoint allowed me to deliver just that.

    A quick note on their network. Unlike what I’d class as “typical web hosts”, Stablepoint don’t have their own hardware.
    Instead, your sites are hosted on massive cloud providers such as AWS, Google Cloud or Digital Ocean. So when signing
    up you choose your desired provider and physical server location.

    I have self managed servers with AWS and Digital Ocean. But I’ve not come across a provider who uses those providers to host
    WHM / cPanel sites (which makes server management pain free). I’m planning to move these to Stablepoint at some point too.

    This makes so much sense and I’m unsure why it’s not more standard within the hosting company. Why not use the
    huge networks of companies like AWS as a basis for a hosting company? Those companies have thousands of people
    working to maintain the said networks alone.

    Overall, my impression of Stablepoint is as I had hoped. The confidence, knowledge and efficiency I recall from all those years
    ago is present at Stablepoint.

    Migrating to them is one of the smartest things I’ve done in a while :) I will be migrating a second VDS to them within the next week.

    I always like to include at least one negative point in my reviews, for balance. However, I’m really struggling to anything thus far.

    Overall I’m extremely happy and will be migrating further servers to Stablepoint.

  4. September 17, 2019

    Thomas (no link provided) rated Stablepoint 5 stars.

    Brill and excellent value for money

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