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2 User Reviews:

  1. October 7, 2006

    Dreams (textdrive.com) rated Textdrive 5 stars.

    Very changable settings, with WebMin and Usermin Control panels, can install cpanel myself if I want.

    Basically this host lets me do anything I could possibly want, and allows me to learn while I do it, and they care about their servers, and what their users are doing

  2. October 7, 2006

    Dreams (no link provided) rated Textdrive 5 stars.

    TextDrive is a hosting company run by and for people who love publishing on the web.
    Born out of a desire to run the best possible servers for those who publish on the web, TextDrive is a webhosting company with a focus on quality: performance, security and 100% availability. We also live and breathe Apache, lighttpd, PHP, Ruby, Python and MySQL.

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